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COLORADO FASHION WEEK 2012 is October 2-7 at the magnificent SEAWELL GRAND BALLROOM at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, Downtown Denver

is October 2-7 at the magnificent
at the Denver Performing
Arts Complex,
Downtown Denver |

For this year,
CFW's focus is on the innovative
Presentation of Top Emerging & Established Designers, Fashion Brands/labels/boutiques.

COLORADO's FASHION Industry presence is on the rise but
there is still a lot of work that the greater local
professional fashion industry needs in
order for it to fully come into
it's own.

We at CFW exists to strategically change the pre-conceived notions about the state of Fashion in Colorado ||

CFW is built
to foster the establishment of an economically sustainable and a deeply respected fashion industry in, and for, Colorado.

CFW exists to nurture, mentor, market and present the next generation of Fashion Industry experts and professionals.

CFW exists to present a very well organized and centralized professional fashion trade and marketing event for the
beautiful state of Colorado.

CFW exists to create new jobs and elevate Denver's brand as a city beaming with great potential for business growth
new career opportunities.

CFW is more than a simple Fashion Week:
cfw is about the comprehensive
branding, marketing,
promoting, brand identity development
and the strategic career launching of new fashion designers, labels and/or brands.

CFW exists to position Colorado, and the city of Denver, as the fashion capital of the west.

CFW is about you: and so how would you like to be involved?

Let us know |
email us @ ||

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, BFA, MFA
Founder + Exec. Creative Director, Colorado Fashion Week
email :

Monday, August 29, 2011


:: Colorado Fashion Week + Boulder B-cycle Fashion Flash Mob Event

:: Monday, August, 29th, 2011
:: 4pm - 6pm

:: Common Era | 1500 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

:: September 9th, 2011
:: 4-6pm | University Hill - Downtown Boulder @ 10th + Pearl

:: Justice Kwesi Kwarteng [Colorado Fashion Week]

:: Courtney Harkins [Boulder B-cycle]

:: email a few non-professional photos to

:: |

:: include a brief statement on why you want to be involved with
   Colorado Fashion Week & Boulder B-cycle Fashion Flash Mob

:: attend casting call on August 29 wearing your favorite cruiser outfit.

:: a free weeklong Boulder B-cycle Membership
:: 10hrs of professional modeling + runway coaching from CFW
:: guaranteed to walk in Boulder Green Streets Fashion Show (9/18)
:: an opportunity to walk in Colorado Fashion Week (9/29-10/2)
:: an opportunity to be considered for representation with JTA
   Models (a unit of the JTA Group |

:: Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, BFA, MFA
:: e |

[a joint promotional event of CFW 2011 +  Boulder B-Cycle]

Saturday, June 18, 2011


In order for Denver and/or Colorado to become a competitive player in the professional Fashion Industry--regionally, nationally and internationally--it must have a very well organized and generously supported agenda.

By support, I mean support from, and at, the local government level.
By well organized, I mean a distinctive and focused authoritative voice.

Local designers must uphold themselves to the highest standards of excellence in everything they put out; ...local professional fashion modeling agencies must make it their highest priority, and responsibility, to offer the best professional training and grooming possible to their roster of talent; ...the local beautician professional community must challenge themselves to constantly stay up-to-date with worldwide trends within the beauty industry: to these ends, there should be no sign of mediocrity whatsoever, and when-so-ever.    

Everything, and anything, we put out Fashion-wise in Colorado must be the best it can be; …everything that we produce; …everything that we present must simply be the best it can be, pure and simple.  It is only by so doing that Colorado can emerge as a true ‘Fashion Capital of the West.’ 

What initiatives are needed to effectively help develop a fresher generation of professional fashion industry talent for Colorado?  What initiatives are needed to develop a credible professional community of Talent that, and who, will stay in Colorado after graduation because there are actual career opportunities for them here?

What are the concerns, frustrations and/or struggles of Local Professional Fashion Designers? 

What are the frustrations of local professional modeling Agencies?
What are the concerns of local aspiring professional models? 
What are we doing right and what needs improvement? 

This series of monthly Town Hall Meetings and Panel Discussion roundtables is my attempt to help create, and maintain, a clear sense of direction for "How We Can Build An Economically Sustainable and a Highly Respected Professional Fashion Industry in, and for, Colorado.

Please join the dialogue by showing up to our first Town Hall Meeting (on Friday, June 24th, 2011) to share your thoughts, ideas, frustrations as well as your success stories as a local fashion industry professional.

For questions, please contact me/us at:


Justice kwesi kwarteng, bfa, mfa
Founder, the jta group


:: The JTA Group invites you to join us for a professionally curated Town Hall Meeting & Panel Discussion on “How We Can Build an Economically Sustainable and a Deeply Respected Professional Fashion Industry in Colorado.”

:: We strongly encourage local professional Fashion Designers, Fashion Design Students, Fashion Photographers, Fashion Models, Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Fashion Stylists, Image Consultants, Fashion Boutique Owners, Local Fashion Buyers, Advertising Production Houses, PR Agencies, Publicists, Fashion Manufacturing Companies, Fabric Store Owners and Creative Directors to join us for this inaugural monthly meeting.

:: Each Town Hall meeting will feature panelists with diverse backgrounds in the professional fashion and lifestyle industries--who are either based in Colorado and/or has strong connections in the international fashion industry.

:: Friday June 24th, 2011 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm 

:: 841 Santa Fe Dr. Denver @ Colorado Arts Center, Inc - CACI 
:: (This is a new non-profit art gallery and event center)
:: (Please donate $2 at the door for the use of the space, mic, chairs, etc.)

The PANELISTS [for Town Hall Meeting # 1]
:: Matt McDonald | VP of Marketing, The GRO Project (confirmed)
:: Matt McDonald | VP of Marketing, The GRO Project (confirmed)
:: Brandi Shigley, Founder + Owner of Fashion Denver (confirmed)
:: Katherine Salzgeber | Professional Jewelry Designer, Owner Boutique de Bijoux (confirmed)
:: Jose Duran | Fashion Designer, Denver | in-house fashion designer @ Lumos & Nox (confirmed)
:: Tyler Lewis | Owner of Lumos & Nox Fashion Boutique @ 3107 E. Colfax, Denver, CO (confirmed)
:: Holli Gibson, Executive Director, DDI + CEO of LamanBlu, a children's designer clothing line (confirmed)
:: Mona Lucero | Fashion Designer + Boutique Owner, Mona Lucero Design Boutique @ 1644 platte st.(cnfrmd)

:: "How Do We Build an Economically Sustainable and a Highly Respected Professional Fashion Industry in Colorado?”

[1st Sub Question + Topic of Discussion]
:: What can we, and must we, do differently to effectively lay the foundational ground-work for an
enduring professional Fashion Industry in Colorado?

[Other Core Sub Questions + Topics of Potential Discussion for Town Hall Meeting # 1]
a) “How Does Colorado Position itself to Become the True Creative Capital of the West, like it seeks to?”

b) “What Must Colorado do to best Position itself as the True Fashion Capital of the West, like it seeks to? 

c) “Does Colorado have What It Takes, in regards talent and resources, to be serious player in the Fashion Industry?” 

d) “Do we have a quality enough professional Modeling and Talent Management Industry in Colorado to support an industry standard fashion editorial and runway market-industry?

d) “What do think are the factors that impede, and/or has impeded, the establishing of a highly credible and respected professional Industry in Colorado?”

e) “How can we build one centralized, and/or a collectively focused, professional fashion industry market in Colorado?”

g) “How do we bring, and/or get national & international fashion buyers to attend a Colorado-based Professional Fashion Week; ...or a Colorado-based professional Fashion Trade Show?”

h) “What are the core frustrations and concerns of professional members within the local fashion industry?”

MODERATOR + Organizer |
:: Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, Founder of the JTA Group + Justice Talent Agency
:: professional casting director | executive producer | creative director | talent coach + agent

To Sponsor, contact us above listed Email address. [Available Sponsorship Opportunities + Levels: ‘Platinum Sponsor’ | ‘Gold Sponsor’ | ‘Founding Sponsor’] 
[++This is a monthly Town Hall Meeting + Fashion Industry Networking Event Series++]

:: The JTA Group | | |
:: this is an economic + business development initiative of JTA Fashion Productions + the JTA Group | HQ in
   Denver/Boulder, Colorado

Please SUBMIT Questions to Justice Kwesi Kwarteng @ JTALENTAGENCY@GMAIL.COM

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The JTA Group to Produce + Creative Direct the Runway Presentation for the "inspired by vitaminwater Fashion Showcase | May 18th in Denver, CO

The JTA Group
to Produce + Creative Direct the Runway Presentation for the "inspiredby vitaminwater Fashion Show on May 18th,  2011 |  @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO | please RSVP Here: rsvpdenver@drinkglaceau

Thursday, April 28, 2011



:: Experience 6weeks of Intensive Multidisciplinary Professional Training for the aspiring professional Actor + Stage Performer :: 

:: All Training will Culminate in a professionally Staged Public Performance with an invited audience::

:: Theater For Social Change (level i,ii,iii)
:: Acting Shakespeare + The Classical Text (i,ii,iii)
:: Mastering the Craft + Technique of Acting (i,ii,iii)
:: Mastering Vocal Performance as a Technique for the Singer

:: Hollywood Audition Preparation + Monologue Performance
:: Mastering Stage Performance for the Actor + Performer (i-iii)

:: All Programs are Taught with JTA Talent Development Academy's unique 360 Approach to Developing + Training the pre-Professional Actor/Performer/Entertainer into becoming the best Career Artist they will permit themself to be-come ::


:: All Experience Levels Welcome + highly Encouraged to Apply 
:: But Very Serious Students Only
:: A Promise of Deep 1-on-1 Attention 
:: Every Student Required to Perform in the Final Presentation

:: An Opportunity to study with Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, BFA, MFA: a NYU, Tisch School of the Arts trained professional Actor, Performer, Director, Teacher, Acting Coach, Talent Agent and Casting Director :: Respected for his unique and highly individualized approach to professional Actor and Performer training, Justice is one of the most exceptionally trained professional Acting and Performance teachers of his generation :: He has trained under and performed with some of the most renowned teacher-artists in the contemporary performance, acting and dance worlds :: He has a strong trans-cultural background as a teacher, artist, performer and individual :: An opportunity to work with a professional Talent Agent, Agency Owner and Casting Director with an entertainment industry standard approach to creative artistic talent development and sustainable career management ::

:: He is the founder of the Justice Talent Agency group (The JTA Group) | a multi-disciplinary firm unlike any other | expertise in:
* highly personalized professional creative + artistic talent development
* strategic + in-depth entertainment career management
* professional fashion styling + image consulting
* professional actor career development + management
* professional casting services for fashion, film, tv + the stage 
* professional fashion modeling career development + management 
* creative direction for fashion runway + trunk show productions + more
* professional fashion show production, management, branding + marketing
* creative direction for fashion editorial campaigns, fashion magazine spreads, catalogs + more

Learn More About the JTA Group of Companies by visiting these Blogs | 

:: Summer Institute Training Begins Friday, May 20th -June, 25th, 2011 :: In Boulder + Denver :: 

:: Register TODAY While Spots Last :: Small Class Sizes ::

:: Email: JTALENTAGENCY@GMAIL.COM [with "JTA Summer Intensive Actor Training" in the Subject Header]

[See Justice' Longer Form RESUME + CV Below] 
Founder + Creative Artistic Director | Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, BFA, MFA
:: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Drama from Tisch School Of the Arts at NYU, 2001
:: Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Theatre: Contemporary Performance, Naropa University, 2006
:: Master of Science in Professional Communication (MSPC), 2003-2004, Clark University, 2004
(*MSPC degree Pending Completion*)

Additional Training + Qualifications
:: Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre & Film, Sept. 1997 - Dec. 1997
:: NYU in London Program, Tisch @ ICA, London, Jan. - May, 2001
:: ETW in Amsterdam Summer Intensive Training, NYU Tisch, Summer 2000

Justice Kwesi Kwarteng is one of the most well trained Professional Acting & Contemporary Performance Technique Teacher-Coaches of his generation.  He works actively as an independent professor of Acting & Contemporary Performance Technique Training, Talent Coach, through his Creative Talent Development Academy, a unit Justice Talent Agency Group.

Justice is known for his keen sense for detecting undiscovered natural creative artistic talent in the aspiring professional career Actor, Dancer, Performer and/or Creative Artistic Talent.  His teaching and professional creative talent development philosophy is built on, and driven by, the idea that everyone is talented, but it is one thing to be talented and whereas it is another thing to discover that God given talent, so as to effectively cultivate it to its fullest potential.

To these ends, his first order of business with each and every new talent/student/artist, irrespective of their level of training experience, is to understand that individual talent--in terms of who they are, where they have come from and where they wish to go--so as for him to effectively help them accomplish their ultimate professional goals and career aspirations.

As a Teacher, he is of the tried and tested experience that no two students/artists are ever the same.  Therefore each student is personally guided by Justice to design a comprehensive set of their professional training goals and career expectations at the on set of their training experience together, in a 1-on-1 session.

[His Academic Qualifications]
Justice is a 2001 graduate of the prestigious Tisch School Of the Arts at NYU (he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama with special emphasizes in avant-garde theatre creation,  acting and directing for the stage).

In 2006, he earned his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Theatre and Contemporary Performance program from Naropa University (

[His Professional Creative Artistic + Trans-cultural Training Background]

Justice has an extensive International and Trans-cultural training background in Acting and Contemporary Performance techniques.  He has trained, lived, performed and/or studied in London, Cardiff (Wales), Edinburg (Scotland) all in the UK; in Belfast (in Northern Ireland); in Bruge and Brussels (Belgium); in Amsterdam (in The Netherlands), to list but a few.

[His Teachers + Creative Artistic Mentors]
He has studied/trained and/or been taught by some of the most renowned Contemporary Performance Teachers and professional artists teachers in the the industry.  Some of his favorite teachers have included Arthur Bathow, Kevin Khulke, Mary Overlie, Chris Bayes, Wendell Beavers, Jessica Hagedon, Steve Wangh, Jonathan Hart, Ellen Lauren (SITI Company), Barbara Dilley, Amy Russell, Moises Kaufman & Leigh Fondakowski (of Laramie Project fame & The Tectonic Theatre Project), to name a few.

[His University Level + Professional Teaching Experience]
As an independent Professor of Acting and Contemporary Performance Techniques Training, Justice specializes in a unique plethora of fields from the Performing and to the Fine Arts.

At Naropa, he served as a graduate teaching assistant in MFA in Theatre program as well as a guest lecturer in undergraduate Music program.  He has taught at the University of Louisville (in Kentucky), in the MFA in Theatre program.  And at as a student at the Tisch School at NYU, he served as a Teaching Assistant in film department.

[His Areas of Professional Teaching, Talent Development + Training Expertise]
:: Acting Coaching for Film, TV and Stage Actors
:: Vocal Performance Technique Coaching for Singers
:: Performance Technique Coaching for Singers and Dancers
:: Professional Acting and Stage Performance Techniques Training
:: Portfolio Development for pre-professional Visual and Contemporary Artists
:: Personalized Live and Stage Performance Technique Development Coaching
:: Character Analysis and Role Development techniques for Stage, Film & TV Actors
:: Scene Study, Text and Script Analysis Coaching for professional Actors and Performers
:: Audition Preparation and Monologue Performance Techniques coaching for Actors, Singers, Performers

[Other Creative Artistic Specialties and Professional Experience]
:: Talent Coaching for Performing Artists and Entertainers
:: Personal Creative and Artistic Talent Development Coaching
:: 1-on-1Master Classes in Contemporary Performance techniques
:: Creative Direction for Fashion and Live Entertainment Production
:: Professional Acting Career Development Coaching and Consulting/Advisement
:: Creative Writing for the Stage, Film, Television and Branded Content for the web
:: Artistic Direction for Live Bands, Professional Theatre Companies, Contemporary Arts Institutions
:: Expertise in Professional Creative Artistic Talent Casting, Talent Production Consulting and Direction
:: Staging, Directing, Composition, Choreography expertise for Theatre, Film, Television and Live Music

[His Professional Acting + Performance Experience]
An avid professional Stage and Live Performer (presently focusing on traditional African and Contemporary Poetry Performance, Avant garde Spoken-word performances) in his own right, he has opened for such renowned spoken word artists like Saul Williams (Boulder Theatre, 2005).

A trained Stage Director and Theatrical Writer, Justice specializes in the adaptation of classical and non-theatrical works of art, like poetry among others, for the Contemporary stage.

He is the Originator and Founder of the “Collage Technique and Approach” to Stage Performance, Actor training, Stage Directing & Composition.


Monday, April 4, 2011

ALEXIS Rose | JTA Management Board Model | Bookings:

:: JTA Management Board Model

:: Height: 5'11
:: Bust: 34
:: Waist: 31
:: Hips: 37

:: Erin K. Sturga

:: Heathyrre Kautz

:: Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, BFA, MFA

For BOOKINGS | Contact The Justice Talent Agency @ | JTALENTAGENCY@GMAIL.COM

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